Teleskopisk grill stick

Art.nr: G95

MSRP 11.5 €

  • Materials: Rubber Wood, Stainless Steel SS304
  • Weight: 99 grams without case
  • Length: 80 cm
  • Product description

    Now you don’t have to burn your fingers or look for the perfect stick when grilling sausages. Here you have a telescopic and fully retractable grill stick, which also functions as a simple fork.

    The grill stick can be extended to a comfortable length to protect your hands from high temperatures. Perfect to pack into the bag, as it is no longer than 18 cm when folded.
    We are often asked what “rubber wood” is. It is not a type of wood that grows in the north, but is common in Asia.

    Rubber trees are grown in large plantations in Southeast Asia to extract the milky sap that is the raw material for natural rubber. This is dropped from the growing trees through a cut in the bark.

    After 25-30 years, however, the production of latex in the tree becomes very low. Previously, the felled rubber tree would be burned, as it would not be used further. But nowadays the wood from the felled rubber tree is recycled and used in various applications. The most common uses of the rubber wood include furniture, toys and kitchenware. The felling of existing plantations has no major impact on the environment or population.

    Wood is a renewable raw material and even if this product is manufactured in Asia, it has a lower impact on the greenhouse effect compared to, for example, a plastic product, when you look at an overall perspective. It accommodates many products on a small surface, which means that the boat transport’s emissions per product will be relatively small. Studies have shown that the raw material has by far the biggest impact on the carbon footprint, while transport and production do not have nearly as much importance.

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