Hevea bowl

Art.nr: 110067

MSRP 29.5 €

  • Scandinavian design
  • 17 cm Ø
  • Hand wash

Product description

A beautiful wooden bowl in Scandinavian design.
The bowl is designed with a handle/ear, which makes it easier to eat when there is no stable surface.
It is also equipped with a leather cord for easy hanging. Perfect for outdoor adventures.


Materials and environment

The entire series is made of environmentally friendly Hevea wood.
Hevea is a useful plantation wood that produces latex. When this cycle ends, the by-product is used for wood products.

Hevea is often called “rubber wood” or “gummi trä”.

Hevea is grown in large plantations in Southeast Asia for the extraction of the milky sap that is the raw material for natural rubber. This is dropped from the growing trees through a cut in the bark.

After 25-30 years, however, the production of latex in the tree becomes very low. Previously, the felled rubber tree would be burned, as it would not be used further. But nowadays the wood from the felled Hevea tree is recycled and used in various applications. The most common uses of hevea wood include furniture, toys and kitchenware. The felling of existing plantations has no major impact on the environment or population.

Wood is a renewable raw material and even if this product is manufactured in Asia, it has a lower impact on the greenhouse effect compared to, for example, a plastic product, when you look at an overall perspective. It accommodates many products on a small surface, which means that the boat transport’s emissions per product will be relatively small. Studies have shown that the raw material has by far the biggest impact on the carbon footprint, while transport and production are not at all as important when comparing plastic to wood.

Remember to care for your wooden product, rinse and dry immediately, and it will last for generations. It is the best for the environment

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