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You can find our products in hundreds of stores both in Sweden and abroad. We are mainly found in stores that are specialists in outdoor life, fishing and hunting. There you can squeeze and feel our products and get help from competent and committed staff. If you don’t have one of our talented retailers nearby, we are also available in many online stores.
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Stabilotherm offers a wide range of tools and accessories for a successful cooking experience in nature. Everything from our Jägarstekpannor to wooden kuksas and compact wood stoves with innovative design.

We are passionate about outdoor cooking and always strive to design and produce products that will stimulate people to get out into nature and socialize. Since we who work here at Stabilotherm value time in nature, we are also very keen to take the environment into account when we design, develop and produce new products.

fika utomhus
Wooden cup, moose engraving


The choices we make have an impact on the environment and nature we live in. We always strive to have as little environmental impact as possible when we produce products and packaging. In many cases we have opted out of material for environmental reasons, but in some cases we have also chosen to keep material because of its function. As an “outdoor” company, it is important for us to work with products that are timeless and will last a long time. Preferably for several generations

We believe in transparency and you as a consumer are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about our environmental work.


Jägarstekpanna original

We are particularly proud of the Stabilotherm Jägarspanna Original.

It is a carbon steel pan that has been manufactured in Sweden since the 1980s. The materials come from the Swedish steel industry, where the environment and work environment are at the forefront. It is suitable for both the campfire and the barbecue. It is easy to carry in your backpack, with either the folding handle or the short fixed handle where you insert your own stick as an extension. 

It was a master artist called Kaj, who created the Jägarstekpanna. For many years it was he who produced it for us, but since a few years ago we have taken over the original tools and manufacture it ourselves in our workshop in Ulricehamn. The Jägarstekpanna original lasts for generations, but should it have to be disposed of, it can be 100% recycled.

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